Tea Recipes for Every Mood

Tea Recipes for Every Mood


May 14, 2021

By Joanna O’Boyle

There’s archeological evidence indicating herbal tea (dried herbs steeped in hot water, or ‘tisane’) was consumed in the Paleolithic era, some 60,000 years ago! (1)  Everywhere there’s been people since, culturally and geographically specific tea rituals have been cultivated and very seriously enjoyed, with different versions becoming iconic representations of a culture’s most cherished foods and manners. Tea is, of course, a treasured pleasure and comfort to many, and for just as many reasons. Nostalgic sentiment and habit, emotional refuge, and simply taking deep pleasure in the taste, smell, and warmth of a favorite brew are some (but hardly all) reasons the ancient drink remains an important personal and shared ritual in daily life, especially to those who feel (STRONGLY) tea is the answer to just about everything.

A long lineage of old-school-knowledge-havers, shamans, witches, old wives, and in general the kind of people who care enough about you to make a hot drink when you need some cheering up have always known the charms of a properly made cup of tea, something only recently being studied by academic science institutions (2). A familiar story to those who find relief through using cannabis, and it’s similarly exciting to apply the power of plants and science to your own feel-good wellness routine. 

Terpenes are the natural oils (hydrocarbons, structurally) in all kinds of herbs and greenery that express the specific aroma, color, and taste of each plant, along with other chemically integral properties. Combined with very specific cannabinoids, like in the carefully crafted instance of Care By Design ‘Effects' formulations, the result can be reliable, dose-able, scientifically-tailored plant power for your self-care regimen. 

Linalool is found in lavender, for instance, a familiar terpene also found in cannabis strains like Lavender Kush, Amnesia Haze, and LA Confidential (3). When dried lavender is steeped in hot water for 5 minutes as an aromatherapy element in a beverage enhanced with Care By Design’s Effects tincture that also contains linalool, you’re setting yourself up for a very peaceful, relaxing time. 

Making your own tea blends is a similar process of applying old-school herbalism and knowledge to your desired effects and customizing your experience, so the pairing of homemade tea blends with specific Care By Design Effects Formulations may enhance the experience of the other, but the way to know is to explore carefully. As with any type of dietary experiment, take things slowly and hydrate excessively- some herbs can interact with medications, so consult widely with medical professionals before ingesting herbs (like mint, in particular, can interfere with blood pressure medications, for example.) 

Enhanced Tea Blends Recipes featuring Care By Design Effects Formulation tinctures

Pro Tea-tip: Boiling water releases some of the oxygen from the water, so you want to start with cold, filtered water, and try to not boil more than once. In a best case scenario, you would pull the kettle from the heat right before it comes to a full boil, if you’re after pulling out all the stops for the best flavor for most teas and/or herb steeps.  

Relief Tea


Earthy and spicy scent, with accents of a rich and minty cooling flavor, featuring CBG (cannabigerol) along with THC, known to be effective in relieving occasional pain or muscle soreness from activities like exercise.

Relief Herbal Tea Blend:  
Fresh eucalyptus leaves, fresh mint leaves, dried or very thinly sliced fresh ginger, chopped dried blueberries, agave syrup to taste 

Cut up about 2-3 eucalyptus leaves and 5 mint leaves (depending on the size of your leaves) into small shreds with scissors (fresh leaves are preferred over dried for maximum flavor and aroma). Chop the dried blueberries into smaller bits. Put into a loose leaf tea diffuser, aiming for one part each to one part dried ginger and one part dried blueberries (add 1-3 dried butterfly pea leaves if you’d like a blue color). I find about two teaspoons each fits well in a standard mesh tea ball infuser. 

Bring water to an almost boil and pour over the tea ball infuser in teacup. Let steep for 5-10 minutes (depending on personal preference of strength of taste), enjoying the minty eucalyptus vapors while the tea is piping hot. 

Add desired amount of Care By Design Effects formulations Relief tincture, stirring thoroughly into the tea. Sweeten with agave syrup as needed and enjoy!

Rest Tea


Soothing flavors of sage, lavender, and eucalyptus, featuring CBN (cannabinol), along with THC and CBD, compounds that can be beneficial for combating occasional sleeplessness. 

Rest Herbal Tea Blend:  
Dried Butterfly pea flowers, fresh sage, dried lavender, fresh eucalyptus, dried chamomile, agave syrup to taste 

Cut up fresh eucalyptus and sage into small bits with scissors, then add about two teaspoons each of dried butterfly pea flowers, dried lavender, and dried chamomile. 
Bring water to an almost boil and pour over the tea ball infuser in teacup. Let steep for 5-10  minutes (depending on personal preference of strength of taste), breathing in the chamomile and lavender slowly and evenly as you slowly and gently release stress out and take in the calming, soothing aromas. 

Add desired amount of Care By Design Effects formulations Rest tincture, stirring thoroughly into the tea. Sweeten with agave syrup to taste, and enjoy. 

Focus Tea


Citrusy flavor with hints of clean and earthy floral scents, highlighting the THCV (tetrahydrocannabivarin) compound, a stimulating cannabinoid. 

Focus Herbal Tea Blend:  
Fresh lemongrass, dried lemongrass, dried rose petals, slices of lemon, fresh rosemary 

Bring water to a boil while chopping and dicing the fresh lemongrass into small pieces. Put the fresh lemongrass into the tea ball infuser with the dried lemongrass and rose petals, about two teaspoons of each, respectively.

Pour slightly cooled off water onto tea infuser, then and add stalks of fresh lemongrass, a sprig of fresh rosemary, and fresh lemon slices. Enjoy the fresh citrusy and piney smells! 

Stir in your preferred amount of Care By Design Effects formulations Focus tincture. Add agave syrup to sweeten to taste if desired. 

Relax Tea


Flavors of lavender, lemongrass, thyme, citrus rind, and a hint of pepper, the Relax Blend features Delta-8 THC: Not as intoxicating as traditional THC (Delta-9), Delta-8 THC is less potent and less psychoactive than its well-known counterpart and tends to produce less anxiety than is reported by consumers of Delta-9. 

Relax Herbal Tea Blend:  
Dried lavender, dried lemongrass, fresh thyme, peppercorns, Rooibos loose leaf tea, and a squeeze of lemon 

Put about two teaspoons of each of the ingredients (except the lemon juice) in a tea ball infuser. (I added a few dried Butterfly Pea flowers to the mix for color, but would skip it in this blend normally). 

Bring water to a boil and pour over the infuser in a mug. Add a sprig of fresh thyme for aromatics. Let steep for 5-10 minutes.

Carefully mix in your favorite dosage of Care By Design Effects formulations Relax blend. Squeeze in some fresh lemon juice to taste. Enjoy!


Joanna O’Boyle is a freelance cannabis product photographer and writer specializing in vegan, cannabis-infused foods. A regular HighTimes magazine edibles column contributor of original, fully plant-based recipes, she develops THC and CBD-infused dishes with a focus on adaptability of dosage per individual serving.

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