Joanna O'Boyle

Joanna O'Boyle

Joanna O’Boyle is a freelance cannabis product photographer and writer specializing in vegan, cannabis-infused foods. A regular HighTimes magazine edibles column contributor of original, fully plant-based recipes, she develops THC and CBD-infused dishes with a focus on adaptability of dosage per individual serving.

Tea Recipes for Every Mood

Fire Cider Care By Design Recipe

By Joanna O'Boyle

Sipped by surfers in Santa Cruz after a bone-chilling dip in the Bay, this beloved beverage is inspired by the drink found at a cafe near famous surf spot Steamer's Lane. Dubbed "fire drink," the blend of hot apple cider, warming spices, cayenne, lemon juice with just a touch of maple syrup will warm your bones on a cold, rainy winter day, and the addition of Care By Design drops makes it that much more relaxing.

CBD Buddha Bowl

Traditionally a little bit of this and that, and depending on who you talk to, the name “Buddha Bowl” is either a reference to Buddha receiving small donations of food in his bowl from people along his journey, or as a result of typically being served in a large, round dish resembling Buddha’s belly.

Lemon Vanilla Cupcakes with 1:1 Gummies

The only way the perfectly dosed, delightful little sugar-coated raspberry 1:1 Gummies from Care By Design could get any better is if eating them could take a little longer