"Care By Design is changing people’s image of what a cannabis company looks like."

"CBD isn’t just an abbreviation for cannabidiol—it also stands for Care By Design… one of the 24 best CBD products in America."

"What Care By Design has achieved in the short time that cannabis has been legal is truly amazing."

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Our most popular full‑spectrum products

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Visit Care By Design Hemp for delivery nationwide. Our tinctures and soft gels are available in five CBD formulas, uniquely designed for targeted effects: Relief, Rest, Balance, Calm, and Uplift.

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This week we are pairing the Care by Design effect “Rest gummies'' with a restorative yoga practice. This practice is unique because rather than flowing through many different poses and heating up our bodies in a more active practice, we passively hold poses for a longer duration in order to shift… Read more
The new Effects line from Care by Design has inspired me to create complimentary yoga sessions! Yoga also has many different forms and depending on your needs, there is a practice that is right for you. From an energetic and heating practice like Vinyasa and Ashtanga to slow and gentle classes such… Read more
Tolerance is a complexity of the brain. With cannabis, each person's tolerance varies at a different rate due to the consumption method used, dosage and cultivar consumed. In some rarer cases, a tolerance won't develop, but most people will form one over time.   It is believed that frequent use of… Read more

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