Yoga Poses for When You Need Relief

Yoga Poses for When You Need Relief


September 10, 2021

The new Effects line from Care by Design has inspired me to create complimentary yoga sessions! Yoga also has many different forms and depending on your needs, there is a practice that is right for you. From an energetic and heating practice like Vinyasa and Ashtanga to slow and gentle classes such as yin and restorative, yoga fits every body. So, this month, I will bring you four  different styles of yoga that can be paired perfectly to each specific Care By Design Effects formula to help you feel amazing during and after the session.
This week I am pairing Care by design’s Relief drops with my yoga therapy practice, what we call viniyoga in the west. By adding a full dropper to my morning chai, I get to enjoy the sensation of sinking into the poses  while staying awake in my mind while I practice. 

The reason I thought the relief drops would pair well with this type of class is because viniyoga is an adaptive yoga practice that is taught one-on-one with a client centered approach. Teachers create a sequence that helps meet the needs of the individual who might be experiencing pain, stress or want to build strength/flexibility. If you’re ready to join me, grab a mat, two  blocks and a big pillow and meet me on your mat.

Breathing Practice

1.) Breathing practice: Longer Exhales

  • How: 12 rounds of breaths, try to lengthen your inhales and exhales by breathing slowly and mindfully. 4-5 second inhales, 5-7 second exhales.
  • Effects: Increased lengths of exhales can help calm the nervous system which can help us feel less stressed/anxious.

Energetically: this breath is calming.

Yoga - reclined heart opener

2.) Reclined Heart Opener:

  • How: Take 2 blocks and place one towards the top of your mat at the highest setting for your head. Then 6 inches down, place the second block on the mat at the lower setting for the shoulders. Recline gently onto blocks and adjust to your comfort. Butterfly knees are optional if you’d like to open hips as well.
  • Length: Hold for 2-3 min
  • Effects: Helps to releases upper back, neck and shoulder tension, helps you open/relax across your chest.

Energetically: the posture is uplifting and invigorating. 

Yoga - supported forward fold

3. Supported forward fold:

  • How: Sit with legs extended with pillow under your bum if the hamstrings are tight. Place blocks between legs and adjust height based on flexibility. Use pillows to help prop up the body so it can relax into the fold. Bend knees for a more accessible option.
    • Length: Hold for 2-3 min
    • Effects: Down regulating for the sympathetic nervous system, Calming, Helps stretch out the back body and hamstrings.
    • Energetically: the posture is soothing/calming.

4.) 90/90 hip openers: Pigeon pose variation

  • How: Sit with hands behind you (for support) with your knees bent. Place your feet and knees wide onto the mat. Rock them side to side for a dynamic movement through the hips before you hold onto one side. Knees fall right and you frame the right shin with your hands and fold over the leg. Your knees should create two 90 degree angles with a smaller angle in your framed leg if tight.
  • Length: 2-3 min each side.
  • Effects: Externally rotates hips, helps decrease sciatic pain, increases hip range of motion, helps to release difficult emotions.
  • Energetically: the posture is triggering for some.

5.) Hip flexor stretch: Modified/therapeutic variation of bridge pose.

  • How: Recline with feet on the ground. Lift hips and slide pillow/bolster underneath the hips. Extend the legs one at a time. Flexing the toes towards your face while dragging the heels away from you will intensify the sensation. Place the block underneath the foot for a less intense variation.
  • Effects: Opens tight hip flexors (due to sitting, driving, inflexibility, etc), increases the arch in the lower back, helps to stretch out the front body.
  • Energetically: the posture feels like a big release. If a stretch felt like a sigh. 

*End practice by hugging knees into the chest to counter the back extension in the previous posture and then enjoy the effects of the relief drops as it washes over you. 
Namaste Everyone!

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