1:1 Soft Gels Single Serve
Soft Gels
Available sizes: 1 Capsule


Ideal for end-of-day relaxation, soothe post-workout aches and pains, or promote a restful night’s sleep. The 1:1 ratio is made from full-spectrum cannabis with a balanced amount of CBD and THC. Includes the minor cannabinoids THCa and CBDa in an easy-to-swallow capsule. Often sedating, the 1:1 is one of our favorite ratios. Made for the experienced cannabis users and those looking for unwinding after a long day. Coconut oil added to support absorption.



Coconut oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Cannabis oil

Package size: 1 CAPSULE

Typical dose: 1 CAPSULE

Total cannabinoids per package: 40 mg

Total CBD: 16 mg

Total CBDA: 4 mg

Total THC: 10 mg

Total THCA: 10 mg

Product Usage:

Intended for oral consumption. Onset time & tolerance varies per individual so consume accordingly. 

  • Onset Time: 30 min - 2 hours
  • Duration of Effects: 2- 10 hours

Exact cannabinoid content varies by batch and the amounts indicated here are based on formulation.

Long-Lasting, Precisely Dosed Relief.

Potent cannabis oil in an easy-to-consume soft gel capsule makes for a price-effective solution that’s appropriate for everyday use. Available in a range of THC dosage amounts to suit individual needs.

Ingredients: MCT, Gelatin, Glycerin, Cannabis Oil