2:1 Drops, 15ml
2:1 Drops, 15ml
Available sizes: 15ml / 0.5 fl oz


Meet the 2:1 ratio. Popular for its full-spectrum dose of CBD, THC, minor cannabinoids like THCa and CBDa, and terpenes. The robust levels of THC in this product make it ideal for evening use. It’s a favorite for promoting relaxation and supporting a restful night’s sleep. The 2:1 ratio is for people who have some experience with THC, as you may feel some psychoactive effects. The 2:1 ratio is great for experienced cannabis users seeking powerful daytime or nighttime comfort, and want a calm feeling with less psychoactivity. If you are a more experienced cannabis user, then this ratio is for you!



Cannabis oil, Coconut oil

Package size: 15ml / 0.5 fl oz

Typical dose: 1mL (1 dropper)

Total cannabinoids per bottle: 460 mg

Total CBD: 240 mg

Total CBDA: 60 mg

Total THC: 130 mg

Total THCA: 30 mg

Total cannabinoids per 1mL : 70 mg

CBD per 1mL : 16 mg

CBDA per 1mL : 44 mg

THC per 1mL : 8 mg

THCA per 1mL : 2 mg

Product Usage:

Intended for oral consumption. Use the measured droppers to apply drops under the tongue & hold for 15-30 seconds before swallowing. Onset time & tolerance varies per individual so please consume accordingly. 

  • Onset Time: 15 min - 2 hours
  • Duration of Effects: 2-10 hours

Exact cannabinoid content varies by batch and the amounts indicated here are based on formulation.

Quick onset relief in an easily-measurable dropper, ideal for micro-dosing.

450mg THC total, .63mg THC per drop.

Ingredients: MCT Oil, Cannabis Oil, Terpenes