More Than Ever: Introducing Our All-New Formulations


Photo of Care By Design Ratio product family of products

Founded in 2014, Care By Design earned our success by developing innovative CBD products. We pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful results, combining the natural powers of the cannabis plant with rigorous science, in order to radically improve the wellbeing of all communities. 

More cannabinoids. More wellness. More value.

Introducing our robust line-up of all-new formulas for all of our tinctures and soft gels. We have reformulated these signature products to be more potent and effective than ever before. Leveraging a cold extraction process, unique in the industry, we’ve increased our cannabinoid count by at least 25% per ratio and added the minor but mighty cannabinoids, CBDa and THCa. While we have added more wellness benefits, we have not increased our prices, as our goal has - and always will be - delivering the best value possible to our community. 

Introducing 40:1, Our Most Relaxing Ratio

A bottle of Care By Design 40:1 drops

We’re excited to announce our newest ratio: 40:1. An extra-high CBD, low THC ratio that is designed to help new or inexperienced cannabis users feel better throughout the day.

We are honored to be part of your wellness routine, and here to help you care for yourselves and your loved ones through these unprecedented times.  We hope that our upgraded ratios will continue to help you alleviate temporary stress, reduce non-acute pain, and take care of your mind and body. 

Improved Benefits

  • New 40:1 ratio
  • New 30 ml size of tinctures
  • Minor cannabinoids CBDa and THCa
  • The most cannabinoid content across tinctures & soft gels 
  • Best value price per mg of cannabinoids across tinctures & soft gels 
  • Widest selection of high CBD ratios & product forms

Care By Design Ratios: Explained

There's no single ratio that's right for everyone. Finding the right balance of CBD to THC that works for you is part of the process. The first factor you’ll want to explore is your sensitivity to THC, because that will in turn help with finding the right ratio and dosage. Many people love the psychoactivity of cannabis, but others might find THC unpleasant. That’s okay, everyone’s different. That’s why Care By Design offers 6 ratios of CBD to THC so you can adjust or potentially eliminate psychoactive effects as you prefer. 

40:1 Extra in High CBD, Low in THC

For novice cannabis users seeking strong CBD relief. Our goal with the 40:1 was to formulate the most relaxing ratio ever, and we think we did a pretty good job. Whether you want whole-body comfort or need some help in the relaxation department, this ratio won’t disappoint.

18:1 High in CBD, Low in THC

A ratio for all levels, our 18:1 is designed for novice or expert cannabis users seeking daytime relief. Day or night, 18:1 can be your everyday comfort companion. Feel some discomfort in the morning? Our 18:1 ratio can start your day off right or help you wind down and relax.

8:1 High in CBD, Medium-Low in THC

If you’re looking for some good daytime relief, we recommend our 8:1 ratio. Experienced cannabis users will find comfort throughout the day with little psychoactivity. This ratio is great for those who are looking for relief from post-workout pain or occasional stress. 

4:1 High in CBD, Medium in THC

Our 4:1 is a strong daytime or nighttime ratio designed for occasional pain relief and rest. It is great for experienced cannabis users with some tolerance for THC with a little psychoactivity. Pro-tip: take a dose once in the morning and once before bed.

2:1 High in CBD, Medium-High in THC

The 2:1 ratio is great for experienced cannabis users seeking powerful daytime or nighttime relief and a calm feeling with less psychoactivity. This ratio is designed for people looking for help with relaxation and reducing pain from exercise.

1:1 High in CBD, High in THC

Do you love the effects of CBD as much as THC? This ratio is for you. Our 1:1 is designed for experienced cannabis users who can tolerate more THC for a balanced feeling with some psychoactivity. This ratio is great for those looking for a better night’s rest or full body relief.

Looking for a good way to enjoy our new reformulations? We love this Caramel Apple Cider recipe! Add your favorite ratio to this delicious beverage, or your autumn drink of choice!