3 Unconventional Ways To Reclaim Your Time From Reproductive Health Issues

3 Unconventional Ways To Reclaim Your Time From Reproductive Health Issues


April 4, 2022

Have you ever woken up on a Sunday morning and declared, with all your might, that this week will be the best week of your life? The time it took you to get to that realization required you to change the way you saw yourself: yesterday, you didn't feel like you could do it, but today you know you can. That is the essence of transformation. But have you ever woken up at 3 am with blood pooling between your thighs, cramps crowding your stomach, rage, and sadness filling your eyes with tears? Transformation seems impossible for 10% to 20% of people with periods when they are stuck in a never-ending cycle of reproductive health issues. 

That 10% to 20% of people with periods suffer from endometriosis. Endometriosis comes from the term "endometrium," which refers to the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus. If an egg isn’t fertilized or implanted, this tissue accumulates and is shed each month, with the menstrual flow expelled at the end of each cycle. 

Endometriosis is a condition in which tissue is located outside the uterus, commonly in the abdominal cavity, but behaves like endometrial tissue. Blood from the misplaced tissue has nowhere to go, unlike menstrual fluid from the uterus, expelled from the body during menstruation. Tissues surrounding the endometriosis site may become inflammatory or swollen, causing scar tissue to form. The disease has the potential to influence practically every aspect of someone’s life, including their capacity to work, reproduce, and their relationships with their partner, children, and everyone else. Although endometriosis in men is extremely rare, at least 20 cases have been documented

Reproductive health issues can keep people in a cycle of pain and depression. Not only do they lose time, but they lose sleep, motivation, and peace because their creative center, their reproductive system, isn't functioning correctly. 

Unfortunately, our patriarchal society is taking its sweet time creating solutions that help women heal from reproductive health issues, and we will continue to lose time to issues like endometriosis if we keep waiting. 

Let’s explore three ways cannabis can help people reclaim their time, send healing energy to their bodies, and welcome joy back into their lives.

1. Pause

One of the many reasons so many people gravitate towards the cannabis plant is because it offers them breathing space. Meaning it reminds them to pause and take their time feeling and thinking through any situations that may have them feeling tense. For people dealing with endometriosis or other reproductive health issues, the best way to reclaim your time is to pause. Before you can relax your body, you must grant your mind peace. 

When you’re ready to create breathing space for yourself, try our 4:1 Vape Cartridge. It offers the ideal balance of CBD and THC for daytime use. CBD and THC stimulate the CB1 and CB2 receptors, which are involved in the process of distributing cannabis throughout your body. Through intentional cannabis use, people dealing with reproductive health issues like endometriosis can use the relaxing benefits of CBD and THC to give their minds a break from the tension they may be feeling. 

2. Understand

As we move into a new age, we have access to more information about the spiritual aspects of our human existence. Now we can understand how our mental, physical, and emotional bodies work together. Our bodies are composed of seven chakra centers, and each one connects to a different set of organs. We are going to focus on the second chakra: the Sacral Chakra. The sacral chakra begins below the navel and reaches the pelvic region. Your sacral chakra is where your most profound sensuality and desire connections develop. The sacral chakra represents our relationship to global discovery and exploration. Emotion, pleasure, connection, and intimacy are all examples of this.

To get more in tune with your sacral chakra and body, we suggest you try our Focus Drops. Focus Drops have a blend of THC, THCv, CBD, and CBDa and a variety of pleasant terpenes. Try taking our Focus Drops and participating in your favorite self-care practice like painting, yoga, or meditation when you're ready to fall deeper in love with who you are. Having an active self-care practice will allow you to tap into your creativity, essentially nourishing your sacral chakra and healing yourself on an emotional and spiritual level. 

3. Advocate 

Community is essential, especially when it comes to reproductive health issues. Thankfully, we live in the internet age, allowing us to efficiently and effectively connect to people with similar interests. When dealing with endometriosis or any other reproductive health issues, it is essential to find groups of women who have similar experiences as you. Connecting to these women will validate your own experiences, but it will also open you to the joy of being around like-minded individuals. You’ll cultivate affirmative relationships and be inspired to begin advocating for more reproductive health resources and medicinal innovation. 

But how does cannabis help us advocate for reproductive health issues and create intentional communities? Historically, cannabis is a communal plant. Though cannabis has a wide range of cultural associations, they are all linked by the usage of cannabis for physical and spiritual healing and nutrition. Cannabis' objective was to improve people's lives by providing comfort and spiritual enlightenment in practically all religions. These values draw so many individuals to cannabis, regardless of their circumstances, and into a larger ideal of nutrition, healing, and personal and spiritual enlightenment.

If a busy day has you feeling stressed, grab our 1:1 Vape Cartridge to help calm your nerves. Mildly psychoactive, this vape has 170mg of CBD and THC to give you the perfect balance of comfort. Cultivating a sense of comfort will allow you to push aside any feelings of nervousness when connecting with a new group of people. 

The saying that time waits for no one is false when you decide to take matters into your own hands. Yes, our society has been slow to consider the implications of reproductive health issues that may hinder some people from living, but we have the power to reclaim our time and our lives through intentional cannabis use. 

(Photo by Malvestida on Unsplash)

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