Vaping with Ratios of THC to CBD Throughout the Day

Vaping with Ratios of THC to CBD Throughout the Day


April 7, 2021

by Stephanie Curtis

In life and in our own personal journeys, it’s safe to say everyone is confronted by going through something that presents challenges and it can be difficult to navigate at times. At the end of the day, most of us are just trying to make some sort of lemonade with the lemons thrown our way. 

Luckily, we at Care by Design have the perfect go-to companion to assist you throughout the day. Our newly formulated ratio vape line goes beyond CBD and THC, harnessing the full potential of the cannabis plant. It’s all about setting the mood, cultivating the right environment, and of course, enhancing our days with lovely little tools. When inhaling our vapes, the benefits can be felt within minutes. Let us walk you through a day in my life while utilizing each one of our vape pens.

start the day right9am – Set The Tone for The Day!     

Mornings set the tone for the day and it’s important to start it off correctly. The solution for waking up and starting the day off on the right foot? Wake and vape time! Now of course, this depends on your tolerance level. We understand that not everyone wants to pair their breakfast with cannabis. 

With that being said, for those who like to start off their day with a little wake and vape, we paired our morning coffee (or tea if that’s your preference) with our 8:1 vape cart. Our 8:1 ratio vape pen is 8 parts CBD to 1 part THC, which is more of a mid-range amount of CBD. The CBD content dominates the THC content for a tempering effect that minimizes overt psychoactivity. Throw some jazz instrumentals or affirmations on, and everybody will be asking what’s in your coffee and where do they get their hands on it?


Lunch in a park1pm - Lunch and Munch

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. That’s how we think about the day ahead as well. The splendid morning is about to wear off, but we still have miles to go. Lunch break hits, marking a time to replenish our energy mid-day. We do this by taking a few puffs of our 4:1 ratio vape pen. Our 4:1 vape pen is 4 parts CBD to 1 part THC. This ratio still has a CBD content higher than the THC, which is in the mid-range, but the THC will produce some more pronounced psychoactive effects. 

This lunch break combined with a little midday pick-me-up is the perfect scenario to take the edge off but remain focused. Also feeling a little hungry; does Postmates deliver over here? Keep the positive momentum strong throughout the day and get back to it on a full stomach ready to close out the work day strong. 

A friendly reminder, safety always comes first. If you are handling heavy equipment or doing a job that should be handled sober, please wait until after work to consume! We are responsible cannabis consumers over here.


walking a dog5pm - Dog Walking

And closed out the work day strong we did! The day went by fast and barely any stress… I wonder why? Either way, we’re not complaining. It’s time to go home and take the dog for a walk. House keys? Check. Leash? Check. Headphones for a podcast to accompany me on a walk? Check. Care By Design 2:1 Vape Pen? Check. Our 2:1 ratio vape pen contains 2 parts CBD to 1 part THC. There could be more overt psychoactivity depending on a person’s THC tolerance level since this ratio is a little more equal, with less CBD to temper the THC. The dog’s happy and we’re happy. Time to eat dinner and get ready for the Zoom party with friends.

meal time with friends7pm - Dinner Time

Nowadays, most of us “hang out” over Zoom. Just because we still need to socially distance, doesn’t mean we can’t have a good time with each other. Keep your euphoric and good vibes flowing throughout your sesh with the 1:1 ratio vape pen. Our 1:1 ratio vape pen is 1 part CBD to 1 part THC. 

While this ratio looks the most balanced, it will actually produce more overall psychoactivity and may be better suited for a person with a higher tolerance to THC. Giggle with your friends, lighten up from the work week. Be present.

bedtime scene
9:30pm - Ready to Rest

It’s the end of the day and it’s time to find our zen. Winding down and shutting off the human brain is much easier said than done, and if it’s easy for you, congratulations! A rare breed. 

It’s time to brew some herbal sleepy tea and get set up to do a 15-minute meditation. While the tea is brewing, we puffed on our 18:1 ratio vape pen. 

Our 18:1 ratio vape pen is 18 parts CBD to 1 part THC. With a higher CBD content compared to the THC content, this ratio is not overly psychoactive and can be a good starting point for someone new to CBD or THC. The perfect way to ease into a meditative state and turn the brain off to prepare for a solid night sleep so we can get up and seize the day again. Carpe Diem!

Note: Effects will vary by individual, so always proceed with caution and respect your own cannabis tolerance and dosage limits.


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