Summer Berry CBD Mule

Summer Berry CBD Mule


August 17, 2020

During the warmer months, fresh fruit and summer berries are in abundance. When it comes to making a great cocktail or spirit-free mixed drink, using the season’s juiciest ingredients is a great way to add refreshing flavors to a number of beverages. Raspberries and blackberries are among some of my favorite fruits to use because they not only contribute to a delicious taste, but they also add color! After muddling, these berries can transform any drink, delivering a gorgeous pink and purple hue.

If you’re a fan of Moscow Mules, this alcohol-free Summer Berry CBD Mule is a must-try. Blending fresh raspberries and blackberries with fresh-squeezed lime juice, simple syrup, a dash of tarragon, and a splash of ginger beer, this easy summer sipper will delight your palate while keeping you feeling refreshed when you’re in need of a thirst-quenching beverage. To infuse this drink, Care By Design 4:1 CBD Drops are the perfect addition. To integrate the CBD into the drink properly, I recommend adding the drops into the shaker tin before muddling to best emulsify the oil into your other ingredients so it doesn’t separate out. For an enhancement, try adding a Care By Design 18:1 Mixed Berry Gummy to the garnish.

Enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned for more Herb Somm x Care By Design drink recipes as part of the new Elevated Elixirs series that we’ll be featuring all summer long. Cheers!

Servings: 1

Target Dose: 16 mg CBD | 4 mg THC per drink (using Care By Design 4:1 CBD Drops)

Note: If you add a gummy, one Care By Design 18:1 Mixed Berry Gummy contains 5 mg CBD | <2 mg THC, making the enhanced target dose for this drink 21 mg CBD | < 6 mg THC

Equipment Needed:

  • Shaker Tin
  • Muddler
  • Fine-Mesh Strainer
  • Copper mug
  • Bar Spoon


  • 5 fresh raspberries
  • 5 fresh blackberries
  • ½ teaspoon fresh tarragon, chopped
  • 1 ounce fresh-squeezed lime juice
  • ½ ounce rich simple syrup
  • 1 dropperful Care By Design 4:1 CBD Drops (or your preferred dose)
  • Crushed ice
  • Ginger beer, to top and fill mug
  • Garnish with a sprig of fresh tarragon, lime round, fresh summer berries, and a Care By Design 18:1 Mixed Berry Gummy


Combine the raspberries, blackberries, fresh tarragon, fresh-squeezed lime juice, rich simple syrup, and Care By Design 4:1 CBD Drops in a shaker tin. Muddle the ingredients together until the berry juices release, then add ice. Shake for 15 seconds, then fine strain over a copper mug, making sure to remove all solids. Fill the copper mug with crushed ice, then top with ginger beer, slowly pouring until the mug is full. Give the drink a few stirs using a bar spoon, then garnish with a sprig of fresh tarragon, lime round, and fresh summer berries. For an enhancement, add a Care By Design 18:1 Mixed Berry Gummy to a cocktail pin for a garnish upgrade, then enjoy.