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Posted 5 days ago
This week we are pairing the Care by Design effect “Rest gummies'' with a restorative yoga practice.
Posted 1 week ago
The new Effects line from Care by Design has inspired me to create complimentary yoga sessions! Yoga also has many different forms and depending on your needs, there is a practice that is right for you.
Posted 4 months ago
by Kyle Devitt Lee
Posted 5 months ago
by Stephanie Curtis
Posted 1 year ago
There are many great (and free!) options to help keep you moving even if you can’t play team sports, join a group exercise class, or head to the gym.
Posted 1 year ago
Care By Design Brand Ambassador, Andre Kajlich, embarked on his latest adventure to journey from the lowest point to the highest on all seven continents.
Posted 3 years ago
Our bodies were designed to handle stress. But putting your body under constant stress without taking time to relax and regenerate creates adverse health effects in 43% of all adults.
Posted 3 years ago
Feeling stressed, sore, or unable to sleep? Try a DIY cannabis bath soak using a trifecta of relaxing bath ingredients: Epsom salts are high in magnesium that absorbs through your skin to relieve muscle tension.