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Care By Design is a wellness company with deep roots. Founded in 2014, Care By Design pioneered CBD to THC ratios that deliver powerful relief, cultivated by science. Backed by a team of expert cultivators, in-house scientists and caregivers, Care By Design exists to radically improve the lives of individuals and raise the baseline health of communities.

Paying Attention to Women’s Health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and a time when women are frequently reminded to get their mammograms. While any month is the perfect time to engage in preventative health measures to take care of one’s reproductive health, October is also a good time to do an overall assessment of how you’re faring, both physically and mentally. 

We Stand for Change

To our beloved community,

It’s hard to find the words to express the heartbreak we feel about the violence permeating our society. As a company, we have made it our mission to improve the health and happiness of our communities through our work. But we cannot simply treat the body without also treating social detriments that harm one’s health. A person cannot live a healthy life if their safety and freedom are threatened by racial and economic inequality.

Exercise at Home

There are many great (and free!) options to help keep you moving even if you can’t play team sports, join a group exercise class, or head to the gym.

When A Racing Mind Interferes With Rest

Getting enough quality sleep is vital to your overall well being, helping protect your mental and physical health and your quality of life. (1) Developing good sleep habits or “sleep hygiene” involves a combination of factors including sleep consistency, environment (dark, quiet, comfortable temperature), and physical condition (including fitness and activity level during the day). (2)

Pain Management and Relief

Pain is a complex condition. Even though nobody wants to be in pain, pain does serve an important function: to signal to your brain via your nervous system that there may be something wrong within your body.

Thank you, Dennis Peron

Pride Month is always a cause for celebration. But for a medical cannabis company like ours, it's especially important to take a moment to honor the brave protestors and pioneers. Were it not for the AIDS activists of the 80s, medical cannabis would probably still be a crime. In honor of Pride Month, we want to highlight Dennis Peron, who is often referred to as “The Father of Medical Marijuana.”

That Time We Were Raided

We believe in the power of community because we’ve seen the impactful changes made by our passionate cannabis advocates, patients, researchers, and supporters.

When the Care By Design team came together in 2010, the CBD market did not exist and there was little consumer awareness of this lesser-known cannabinoid. It was challenging to find high-CBD strains in California! Most CBD-rich strains had been bred out of existence due to the demand for high potency THC. But the science was there, and we knew that CBD was a key component in the healing power of cannabis.

COVID-19 Check-In

We are reaching out to our Care By Design community to check in. Now, more than ever, self-care is important. We hope you’re taking good care of yourself and doing what you can to keep healthy. Fortunately, there are things we can do.

Summer Recipe: Stuffed CBD Zucchini Blossoms

If you're planting a vegetable garden this year, you have something to look forward to! This is a summer favorite of ours… savory stuffed zucchini blossoms with a dash of CBD. Be sure to pick the blossoms early in the morning when they're open, they'll be easier to stuff.

Our Earth Day Promise

Born in the heart of Northern California, we at Care By Design have been deeply concerned about the impact of California’s new cannabis regulations on our beautiful state. These regulations mandate that cannabis goods must be packaged in resealable, child-resistant packaging, which is typically made of plastic. Annually, CannaCraft brands (including Care By Design and AbsoluteXtracts) produce about two million vape cartridges which means that we were looking at producing millions of plastic, child-resistant tubes that would end up in our landfills.