André Kajlich

Andre cycling

André is the Lead Brand Ambassador at Care By Design. In 2003, cannabis became part of his wellness journey when he was involved in a train accident in Prague that left him a double amputee. Since then, André has worked at the Institute of Molecular Genetics, in Prague and at the University of Washington's Center on Outcomes Research in Rehabilitation, in Seattle. He's also an ultra endurance wheelchair athlete on a pioneering mission to cross every continent, lowest point to highest summit - a global first. Along with the project he co-founded The Lowest Highest Foundation with the mission to improve the lives of individuals with a disability, focused on the developing world.

An Interview with Matt Elmes, PhD

As cannabis becomes more normalized, calls for research into this beneficial plant are growing ever louder. The scientific community is increasingly devoting time and resources to studying cannabis, the cannabinoids produced by the plant, and how these substances interact with the human body. CannaCraft is very proud to employ our Director of Scientific Affairs, Matt Elmes PhD. A graduate of Stony Brook University with a focus on cannabinoid science, Dr. Elmes supervises new product development, pioneering innovations and educational initiatives across all CannaCraft brands.

Yoga and Cannabis with Kyuri Lin

We sat down (virtually) with Kyuri Lin, a California-based yoga therapist, to talk about all things yoga, cannabis, and how to help people feel their best.

She goes in depth on how yoga became her anchor and surviving cervical cancer before the age of 30. Kyuri is a woman warrior and we're honored to share her story.